Dentures In Erindale Mississauga

Whether you’re looking for new dentures or your current dentures are in need of repair, Mississauga Family Dentistry specializes in full or partial dentures to replace your missing teeth without discomfort.

Dentures in Erindale Mississauga

Whether you’re looking for new dentures or your current dentures are in need of repair, Mississauga Family Dentistry.

Are Dentures Right For You?

Consider whether you might be a suitable candidate for dentures, a common and discreet solution for missing teeth, especially among the approximately one-quarter of adults over 65 who are entirely toothless. To qualify for this restorative treatment, it’s important to desire replacement for multiple or all of your teeth, maintain a tobacco-free lifestyle, possess a healthy jawbone (with assistance available if needed), avoid issues with dry mouth, commit to proper at-home denture care, and maintain regular dental check-ups, akin to caring for natural teeth.

Taking care of your dentures involves routine cleanings and examinations, as even those with flawless prosthetics require periodic dentist visits. During these appointments, we assess the fit and condition of your dentures, while also examining your oral health comprehensively, including your gums, tongue, jaw, and the overall condition of your mouth, demonstrating our commitment to your oral well-being, beyond just your teeth.

Cost Of Dentures In Erindale Mississauga

In Mississauga, you can expect to pay approximately $900 – $3500+ for dentures. The cost of dentures varies widely depending on whether you get full or partial dentures as well as the type of support the dentures will use. Full-mouth dentures can cost anywhere from $1,800 to $3500 and up. The cost for a full set of implant-supported dentures averages around $30,000.

The type of denture you need

Whether or not x-rays are needed

Dental extractions or other required preparations.

Whether or not you get supportive implants

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental bridges can be used to restore a gap caused by 1 to 3 missing teeth. Any number of missing teeth can be restored using dental implants. Dental implants typically have a higher initial investment cost and certain health requirements to qualify as a candidate for treatment.

With routine care and maintenance, your dentures should be good for 5 – 10 years. Aside from wear and tear on the dentures themselves, your mouth also changes over time and you may eventually decide it’s best to get fitted for a completely new set.

Yes, you can wear your dentures to bed but its recommended that you don’t. You should get into the habit of taking them out at night to soak so you can clean your mouth, gums and remaining natural teeth and then give your gums and jaw a chance to rest.


Your top dentures should suction to your gums. Your bottom dentures float above your gums but stay in place easily. Partial dentures should stay in line with natural teeth without moving very much. Implant-supported dentures snap in place and remain stable. If you’re questioning the fit of your denture, you are welcome to book an appointment so we can check your fit and make adjustments as needed.

After you’ve had some time to adjust to your dentures you should be able to eat almost anything. There are some foods that are hard on your dentures or that might cause rubbing or irritation. Foods that are hard or sticky like caramel, carrot sticks or a tough cut of meat or foods that contain little particles like popcorn or seeded crackers might present some challenge and should perhaps be enjoyed only as an occasional treat.

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